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Tullamore D.E.W.: Cider Cask Finish

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

What is Tullamore D.E.W.?

Tullamore D.E.W. is the second biggest Irish whiskey brand after Jameson and employs 90 people at its locations in Clonmel, Dublin and Tullamore. The whiskey was originally produced in Tullamore, County Offaly, Ireland, at the Old Tullamore Distillery which was established in 1829. The origins of Tullamore D.E.W. date back to 1829, when a distillery was established in Tullamore by Michael Molloy. On his death, the distillery eventually passed to his nephew, Bernard Daly who later appointed Daniel E. Williams as the distillery's General Manager. Under Williams's watchful eye, the distillery expanded and prospered, launching the whiskey bearing his initials (D.E.W.), Tullamore D.E.W.

“As the cider ferments, the tart yet sweet notes infuse the bourbon casks, creating a layered complexity of nose and taste in the finished whiskey,” - John Quinn, Global Ambassador for Tullamore D.E.W.

From Tullamore Dew:

"Once a year, this finely balanced, sophisticated spirit is created in the heart of Ireland. It is a marriage between the craft of small-batch cider-making and our legendary whiskey, creating a layered complexity of nose and taste that is richly rewarding.

This is a rare and noble Irish whiskey that is the essence of Ireland, with notes of toasted oak tinged with cider sweetness to engage and delight the palate of true Irish whiskey lovers."

On the nose, the fresh, leafy, crisp green apple scent and sweet maltiness brings the senses on a journey – straight to the heart of Ireland. The smooth taste is distinctive – soft and mellow, with a lovely balance of oak, creamy malt and sweet, fresh apple notes.  This light-bodied whiskey, with a fruity vibrancy, offers the perfect balance of quality whiskey with added intrigue.  The sweet, lingering taste carries subtle fruity notes.


Fresh leafiness with a hint of crisp green apple and sweet maltiness. Apple Sauce, pears, toffee, candied nuts, spice, honey, malt and light bits of graham and bubblegum.


Light bodied with a sweet, fruity vibrancy, that is soft and mellow with a lovely balance of oak, creamy malt and sweet, fresh apple notes. Apple sauce, malt, pears, toffee, spice, honey, candied nuts, malt and light bits of graham and butterscotch.


Lingering sweetness with very subtle fruitiness.

This whiskey is finished in Irish apple cider casks for 3 months, giving this whiskey a delicious apple infusion. Tullamore D.E.W. small-batch ferments fresh-pressed Irish apple juice into cider in oak casks, before refilling the casks with its signature Irish whiskey.

This is an excellent whiskey for those new to Irish whiskey with a gentle mouth feel and initial slightly sweet and fruity taste gently building to a rich fusion of all that is best about blended Irish whiskey. I use this bottle often as an introductory whiskey for friends and family who are curious about whiskey, so I felt this was the obvious choice for our inaugural episode.

Special thanks to John Peters at The Whiskey Jug for the excellent review and tasting notes we used as the basis for this episode.

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